Hi, my name is

Omar Moquete.

I'm an enthusiastic web developer who loves to bring web projects to life. With a deep passion for crafting amazing user experiences, I specialize in using modern technologies to create visually stunning and highly interactive websites.

About me

My love for technology started at a young age when I got my first computer. The inner workings of this machine fascinated me, sparking an insatiable thirst for knowledge about each of its components. I eagerly immersed myself in gathering information, driven by an unwavering desire to understand how it all functioned harmoniously.

I graduated from a computer science institution in my native Dominican Republic in 2015. I remember my first calculator program on PSeInt in 2013. When I ran it, I really felt like I had superpowers.

Since then, I have continued to learn something new every day. I actively seek out new challenges to expand my knowledge and gain more experience. Technology is constantly evolving, and I am dedicated to staying up-to-date and growing in this field.

My tech stack

Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies that I'm currently working with. I find great joy in exploring and mastering new tools, and these happen to be my absolute favorites!

Right now I'm composing beautiful user interfaces using NextJS.












My Projects

These are some of my favorite projects. I'm always looking for fun challenges to learn from. Any feedback is also appreciated!


Built with React - Typescript. This is a global chat app with a straightforward Google provider sign in method where anyone can send messages and receive notifications.

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Powered by NextJS and React. Inspired by Reddit, Instagram and other sites. On NextQuestions you can ask and answer questions, create and subscribe to topics, comment, view other users' profiles and much more.

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Find important information about any country. See elevation, satellite imagery and much more. This website makes use of restcountries Restful API and leaflet.js.

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Expense Tracker

Built with React JS, this expense tracker web app renders all your expenses in a given year.

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Easy to use task management web application featuring locally stored data, task deletion undo, personalization options and more.

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Get inspired by over a million recipes! Avoid food waste by selecting your portions and getting the number of ingredients you need for each recipe. Bookmark your favorite recipes and much more.

This project was possible thanks to codingheroes.io.

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